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Happy Birthday Nona’s ice cream

  All things being equal, with God in heaven and everything right with the world, a local ice cream parlor should sell homemade ice cream created by a kind and happy person who loves ice cream, kids, people, and dogs. And that’s exactly what Hingham Square has in Krissy … [Read more...]

Babycakes in Quincy: Great cake for little money

When I started this column 18 months ago, I figured I’d exhaust the South Shore food scene is a few months. But, every time I search the area for a particular type of food maker, baker, business, cook, or restaurant, I find someone doing it, and I become amazed by the depth in my … [Read more...]

Ginger Betty rocks gingerbread 365 days a year

I’ve always liked hearing about people who loved something when they were kids and kept loving it year in and year out and ended up turning it into something big and beautiful as adults. That’s what Beth Veneto, aka Ginger Betty, did with a love of gingerbread she discovered … [Read more...]

No Pinkberry groupie here

If you think that leggings are the only thing making a comeback from the ‘80s, think again. Frozen yogurt is back with a vengeance, and Pinkberry – the popular franchise that exploded in L.A. five years ago -- opened its first store in Massachusetts at the Derby Street shops … [Read more...]

Vodka pie crust, rolled not stirred

So a cold wind blew in last week, and like a dumb blonde turns toward the nearest guy, it made me want to make apple pie. I'm not much of a baker, but I have a few confections in my repertoire, and apple pie is what I make this time of year. I've been using the same, … [Read more...]

Alchemy of heat and pressure

It's cranberry season now, and apple season, and green tomato time, too. And pears are there for the picking and even raspberries -- but not for much longer. Last month, the grape harvest ended, and before that, of course, it was August, and July, and June, and many fruits … [Read more...]

"Something happened, you ate"

I can't think of anything more quintessentially sweet than a cookie. Not sweet as in sugar, although of course cookies are sweet in that way too. It's their personality that I'm referring to -- think about it: In the holy trinity of desserts, pie is good, friendly, filling, and … [Read more...]