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Readers write

A couple weeks back, quite a few readers wrote to me about one of my columns, so I thought it would be interesting to post some of their comments here. The particular "Dish" they were referring to was written a few days after I'd gotten home from a trip to Italy. It was a plea … [Read more...]

A Plea for Good Panini

I've just returned from ten days in Italy and reentry is a little rough. We're taking the first couple days slowly and easing the longing for that beautiful place by eating the foods we had there. Cappuccino is required – and I can simulate a decent cup with my stovetop espresso … [Read more...]

Order in the Kitchen

One day last summer I'd had it with my refrigerator – totally had it. The crisper drawers were broken and although I'd put a wire rack in there to replace them, it wasn't working. So even though our plan was to wait on buying a new refrigerator until we could renovate the … [Read more...]