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Coffee art with water views

Say it’s a clear, sunny day.   Or, a cold one with light snow falling.   Hey, it could be raining or blowing a gale, it doesn’t matter: The water views from Hingham’s new Redeye Roasters Café & Espresso Lounge are beautiful.   And so is the … [Read more...]

Strawberry Festival builds community

Sometimes strawberries aren’t only summer’s first mouthwatering fruit. Sometimes they’re double agents. Dressed up as the starlets of shortcake, for instance, they also serve as good will ambassadors and friend-makers. Take their role in last weekend’s Strawberry … [Read more...]

Food trucks: The Future

I saw the future of South Shore dining last weekend and it was moving. Literally, moving. Restaurants on wheels – food trucks – are getting major support from the Boston City Council, which passed an ordinance in April to expand access to them. More recently, legislators opened … [Read more...]

South Shore farmers markets open

Here they come again: colorful farmers markets that spring up in the middle of nowhere like nomadic villages, filling parks and parking lots with local foods and goods and shoppers. Mere hours after they appear, the carnival-like, action packed scenes dissolve into nothingness … [Read more...]