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Elegant Farm-to-Table Dining at Just Right Farm

It’s hard to think of the South Shore without conjuring endless beaches. But a bit inland and south the area opens into vast fields, bogs, and woods that stretch into deep countryside. How surprising to find fine dining in an area like this, then again, how appropriate to eat … [Read more...]

Bread, chevre, and honey from Glastonbury Abbey

I’m standing in the large kitchen at Hingham's Glastonbury Abbey talking to its head cook, John Gauley, when Father Tom, one of the monastery’s 12 Benedictine monks, pops in. I’m glad because although I’m here to talk about the food Gauley makes, I don’t know what monks actually … [Read more...]

South Shore Dish: News & Notes- June, 2011

Being a café lover of the first order (there’s not much I enjoy more than hanging at a great café), I am thrilled out of my mind that Hingham resident Bob Weeks, of Redeye Roasters, is planning to open a café in the Bare Cove Marina building, across from Stars Restaurant, on … [Read more...]

South Shore farmers markets open

Here they come again: colorful farmers markets that spring up in the middle of nowhere like nomadic villages, filling parks and parking lots with local foods and goods and shoppers. Mere hours after they appear, the carnival-like, action packed scenes dissolve into nothingness … [Read more...]

Organic gardening workshop

A dozen people gathered in the cold sunlight at Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset last Saturday for an organic gardening workshop. Happily, it was also opening day for the summer farm stand. And, although there wasn’t much for sale yet, what there was, was great: leeks, sunchokes, and … [Read more...]

Raw milk and cheese from grass fed cows: Foxborough

If Josie the cow cared, she could lift her big speckled head and see Patriots fans, tiny as ants, in the top tiers of Gillette Stadium. But the pretty speckled milk cow only has eyes for the grass. And I only have eyes for the raw milk and cheeses that Terri Lawton – a tenth … [Read more...]

Grassroots revolution: Sourcing local meats

Joe Beaulieu is a tall, lanky man who wears a steer’s head brass belt buckle that makes him look like a Texan. But Beaulieu is a local man -- from Fairhaven -- a livestock and produce farmer who calls his cattle by name and says that when he does, they come. And I believe … [Read more...]

Organic farming at Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset

Ever since Meryl Streep's public outrage over pesticide use on apples in the '80s, organic food has ignited a range of reactions in shoppers -- from allure and appreciation to confusion and distrust. Recent news that some of Whole Foods frozen vegetables are grown in China … [Read more...]

Harpoon Brewery’s Island Creek Oyster Stout

Did you hear about the oysters from Duxbury who grew up to be beer? True story. One hundred and eighty bivalves, reared from tiny "seeds" in Duxbury Bay, were harvested on Jan. 21 and driven to the Harpoon Brewery in Boston's Seaport district. Upon arrival, oyster farmer … [Read more...]


My neighbor (two-houses-over) says she hates my other (three-houses-over) neighbor's rooster, but I don't thinks she really does. I've been asking around for the past week to see if keeping chickens is becoming as popular here as it is in other suburban parts of the country, and … [Read more...]