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Elegant Farm-to-Table Dining at Just Right Farm

It’s hard to think of the South Shore without conjuring endless beaches. But a bit inland and south the area opens into vast fields, bogs, and woods that stretch into deep countryside. How surprising to find fine dining in an area like this, then again, how appropriate to eat … [Read more...]

New spot from award winners

Even a mediocre french fry can hit the spot, but a real one — made from raw potatoes and deep-fried perfectly — is one of life’s simple pleasures. The new JW’s Burger Bar has some. Cut from russets daily, they’re thinish, crispy on the outside and meaty on the … [Read more...]

For Jacques Pepin cooking is about creating pleasure

As Jacques Pépin made the rounds of the 120 guests attending the celebrity chef dinner at Hingham’s Summer Shack last Monday, guest after guest embraced the legendary chef - metaphorically or literally. “We just love you!’’ said a woman as she held Pépin’s hand in both her … [Read more...]

Wahlberg brothers open Wahlburgers

News of the recent opening of Hingham’s new burger joint exploded this summer in a Hollywood-powered media blitz that was hard to miss. Even before the TV segments, newspaper, US and People magazine blurbs, there was lots of local talk: a deal for a reality show on the place had … [Read more...]

South Shore Dish: News & Notes- June, 2011

Being a café lover of the first order (there’s not much I enjoy more than hanging at a great café), I am thrilled out of my mind that Hingham resident Bob Weeks, of Redeye Roasters, is planning to open a café in the Bare Cove Marina building, across from Stars Restaurant, on … [Read more...]

Food trucks: The Future

I saw the future of South Shore dining last weekend and it was moving. Literally, moving. Restaurants on wheels – food trucks – are getting major support from the Boston City Council, which passed an ordinance in April to expand access to them. More recently, legislators opened … [Read more...]

A great Kid Chef

As Liam Cronan works three Calphalon pots to create Julia Child’s potage velouté aux champignons, he's like any good chef performing a cooking demo. Simultaneously sautéing onions in one pan, mushrooms in another, and simmering some seasoned stock, he narrates his … [Read more...]

From South Shore chefs with love

The Lombardo's table at A Taste of the South Shore. (Photo by Richard W. Green) Think of the work it takes to make a good, simple dinner. Then imagine doing that times 100 from morning to late at night, sometimes seven days a week, holidays absolutely included, often working in … [Read more...]

Following flavor with Chef Maryann Saporito

It's a Thursday morning in Marshfield and I'm in the kitchen with Chef Maryann Saporito while she preps for dinner at her restaurant Hola Flatbreads and Tapas. Among other tasks, she's making a batch of filling for her chicken empanadas with corn and black beans. She has … [Read more...]