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New spot from award winners

Even a mediocre french fry can hit the spot, but a real one — made from raw potatoes and deep-fried perfectly — is one of life’s simple pleasures. The new JW’s Burger Bar has some. Cut from russets daily, they’re thinish, crispy on the outside and meaty on the … [Read more...]

Holly Hill Farm brings heritage pork to South Shore

The road that leads to the truck that sells Vermont-raised heritage pork winds along a stretch of Cohasset's North Atlantic that shames Beverly Hills with its mansions. One after another, stone castles, Tuscan-inspired villas, ultramodern constructions, and old, wooden, … [Read more...]

Scituate crowd glimpses family traditions in North End cookbook

Although Boston can feel far from the beaches and woods of the South Shore, in truth it’s close – it’s our city -- and its cultural richness flavors our lives. An emissary from the culinary Mecca of the city -- the North End -- on Sunday visited Scituate’s Roman Table, … [Read more...]

Good pizza Boston’s South Shore: Riva Pizzaria

In Scituate, just up the street from Riva Pizzeria, is a granite marker by the roadside with the words “23 miles to Boston” etched into its old, tombstone-like face. Those 23 miles used to be the distance it took to get yourself a gourmet pizza, but not anymore. Riva … [Read more...]

Antique charm and Greek cuisine

Consider the baked potato. Not many restaurants do anymore. Most chefs, it seems, are ever questing after new alchemies of flavor in their dishes. And when the chef is great, rich food can take people to the heights. Still, I don’t always want a rich dish when I dine out and … [Read more...]

Part CSF, part seafood buying club

It's a given that people who live on the ocean have easy access to a treasure trove of fresh fish. Or it should be.....but most area catches get hauled to Boston’s big wholesale markets before we get a chance to buy any. So, flounder caught in Scituate, say, ends up in … [Read more...]

Sophisticated, yet casual spot: Oro

A small restaurant, a small menu: seven starters, eight mains, four sides, six desserts, and a few daily specials. This is a smart strategy for a business that can plow under newcomers mercilessly, and the one that husband-and-wife partners Robin and Jill King have chosen for … [Read more...]

South Shore restaurant news and notes

Restaurants everywhere come and go, and some just have facelifts. Cooks, too, do a lot of moving around as a way to move up the ladder and learn from other chefs in a business that sees more action than most. But even by industry standards, the South Shore restaurant scene is … [Read more...]

Sandwiches to swoon over: Circe’s Grotto

Taste is fickle, and like a schoolgirl who falls in love with one boy after another, its affections are boundless. Not only that, but our taste buds aren't prejudiced and can thrill equally over a top chef's expensive dish, a simple soup, or that American mainstay, the … [Read more...]

Restaurant News & Notes

Chef Paul Wahlberg's new restaurant, Alma Nove, , is slated to open mid- to late-April at the Hingham Shipyard on Route 3A. Rumors about its demise were, in fact, only a change of plans: a first location at the shipyard fell through and a second was found. Which may end up being … [Read more...]