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Beachfront dining

You don’t really have to know much about the food at Beachfire Restaurant & Bar to decide to check it out. Beachfire is the only restaurant in Hull right on the beach rather than across the street from it. And, although it doesn’t look like much from the front, once you … [Read more...]

Beach shack offers smart menu, music

Although the Nantasket Beach strip is a pale reflection of its glory days as Paragon (amusement) Park, a whiff of the traveling carny still flavors the narrow stretch of old arcades and summer buildings that fronts the beach. Just north of the carousel, among the many faded … [Read more...]

Saporito’s still great after all these years

When Saporito’s Florence Club Café opened in 1988, it was a shining star in an otherwise fairly lackluster South Shore dining scene. The small, fine dining room became known far and wide, received awards and accolades, and remained at the height of its glory throughout the ’90s. … [Read more...]

Sea Dog Brew Pub set amid Boston Harbor Islands

We're sitting on the spectacular, third-floor deck of the Sea Dog Brew Pub overlooking Hull's Sunset Bay Marina, with the Boston Harbor islands and the city skyline in the distance. It's early on a hot summer evening, and the wind is gusting so hard the heavy table menus are … [Read more...]

A find in Hull’s Kenberma section

It's a pity that Hull is on the way to nowhere, except the quirky and considerable charms of the peninsular town itself. Quite near the center, along the commercially populated strip of Nantasket Avenue known as Kenberma, is a fittingly eclectic corner cafe turned … [Read more...]

Homemade Mediterranean, including cheeses

I'm in the kitchen at To Dine For, the new gourmet Mediterranean takeout shop in Hull, watching a large pot of scalded milk turn into cheese right before my eyes. I can't believe how quickly it happened. While a gallon of milk warmed on the stove, Rafca Cardoos, who co-owns the … [Read more...]

Chef’s star power prevails in Hull

They had me at the olive oil. One dip of crusty Italian bread in the fine extra-virgin liquid, and I was in. After that, each of four courses had their way with me, igniting childhood memories, a reverie on food alchemy, and a longing to be back at my family's simple Italian … [Read more...]