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Coffee art with water views

Say it’s a clear, sunny day.   Or, a cold one with light snow falling.   Hey, it could be raining or blowing a gale, it doesn’t matter: The water views from Hingham’s new Redeye Roasters Café & Espresso Lounge are beautiful.   And so is the … [Read more...]

Wahlberg brothers open Wahlburgers

News of the recent opening of Hingham’s new burger joint exploded this summer in a Hollywood-powered media blitz that was hard to miss. Even before the TV segments, newspaper, US and People magazine blurbs, there was lots of local talk: a deal for a reality show on the place had … [Read more...]

Bread, chevre, and honey from Glastonbury Abbey

I’m standing in the large kitchen at Hingham's Glastonbury Abbey talking to its head cook, John Gauley, when Father Tom, one of the monastery’s 12 Benedictine monks, pops in. I’m glad because although I’m here to talk about the food Gauley makes, I don’t know what monks actually … [Read more...]

In praise of good hot dogs

You have to pity the poor hot dog. Not since… I don’t know what… has something been so loved and hated at the same time. Millions of Americans absolutely adore this virtual symbol of the quintessential American holiday yet denigrate them, and themselves, for eating … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Nona’s ice cream

  All things being equal, with God in heaven and everything right with the world, a local ice cream parlor should sell homemade ice cream created by a kind and happy person who loves ice cream, kids, people, and dogs. And that’s exactly what Hingham Square has in Krissy … [Read more...]

Celebrity chef series at Hingham’s Summer Shack

Living and dining in today’s ubiquitous celebrity chef and foodie culture, anyone could be forgiven for not knowing that the American food scene wasn’t always so. But chef Jasper White [left], who was part of the culinary flowering of the late ’70s that led to the scene as it is … [Read more...]

Cooking with Chef Kevin Long at Tosca

Wondering what would be special for holiday eats, I called one of my favorite chefs, Kevin Long, to see what he was doing. “I thought oysters with a pomegranate mignonette would be kind of fun,” said Long, when I walked into Tosca in Hingham one afternoon last week. The chef … [Read more...]

A family restaurant carries on

Just as the dying leaves, early nights, and cold of November in New England had me thinking that the best bet would to be a move to California -- a bowl of perfect New England clam chowder came my way and set me cheering for the home team again. I devoured the aforementioned … [Read more...]

No Pinkberry groupie here

If you think that leggings are the only thing making a comeback from the ‘80s, think again. Frozen yogurt is back with a vengeance, and Pinkberry – the popular franchise that exploded in L.A. five years ago -- opened its first store in Massachusetts at the Derby Street shops … [Read more...]

Wahlberg’s Alma Nove shines

You might not think, in a less-than-stellar economy, that there’d be room for a new, high-end restaurant in the suburbs. But as owner-chef Paul Wahlberg has proven, there’s always room at the top. The top, in this case, is actually the side — the waterside. Alma Nove is … [Read more...]