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Alchemy of heat and pressure

It's cranberry season now, and apple season, and green tomato time, too. And pears are there for the picking and even raspberries -- but not for much longer. Last month, the grape harvest ended, and before that, of course, it was August, and July, and June, and many fruits … [Read more...]

Garlic’s Little Brother

For the past ten days, I've been tracking the scape harvest across the microclimates of Massachusetts and can announce with surety that the time is now: Scapes are out there in the gardens, farms, and markets of Boston's South Shore this week. Do you know scapes? Or garlic … [Read more...]

A Promise of Dinners to Come

In Italy, where my mother's family is from, almost every place where there's even a bit of dirt, people have vegetables growing. Small spots and of course enormous fields. But it's the small spots I like. I like them because I imagine that regular people do the planting in a … [Read more...]