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Babycakes in Quincy: Great cake for little money

When I started this column 18 months ago, I figured I’d exhaust the South Shore food scene is a few months. But, every time I search the area for a particular type of food maker, baker, business, cook, or restaurant, I find someone doing it, and I become amazed by the depth in my … [Read more...]

Hearth Bread bakery: a 60-ton wood-fired stone oven

A remarkable old world bread bakery opened on the South Shore a couple months ago and I don’t know which is more amazing – the bread or the oven where it’s baked. Peter Nyberg’s new wood-fired stone oven in Plymouth is a custom, 60-ton version of the wood-fired stone ovens … [Read more...]

Cooking with Chef Kevin Long at Tosca

Wondering what would be special for holiday eats, I called one of my favorite chefs, Kevin Long, to see what he was doing. “I thought oysters with a pomegranate mignonette would be kind of fun,” said Long, when I walked into Tosca in Hingham one afternoon last week. The chef … [Read more...]

Ginger Betty rocks gingerbread 365 days a year

I’ve always liked hearing about people who loved something when they were kids and kept loving it year in and year out and ended up turning it into something big and beautiful as adults. That’s what Beth Veneto, aka Ginger Betty, did with a love of gingerbread she discovered … [Read more...]

Scituate crowd glimpses family traditions in North End cookbook

Although Boston can feel far from the beaches and woods of the South Shore, in truth it’s close – it’s our city -- and its cultural richness flavors our lives. An emissary from the culinary Mecca of the city -- the North End -- on Sunday visited Scituate’s Roman Table, … [Read more...]

Uncle Luigi’s Turkey: the best recipe

I was at the market the other day and noticed two different women asking the butcher how to make a turkey. Which is funny since most of us make them every year yet somehow forget what to do. I used to be that way, but not anymore. Here’s a tried and true recipe that results in … [Read more...]

Postcard from New Orleans — with Drago’s oysters

It’s late October and I’m sitting in Drago’s Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar in New Orleans on the first night of a five-day family reunion at my brother- and sister-in-law’s house in the French Quarter. Having relatives in great places is sweet and this is my sixth or … [Read more...]

Raw milk and cheese from grass fed cows: Foxborough

If Josie the cow cared, she could lift her big speckled head and see Patriots fans, tiny as ants, in the top tiers of Gillette Stadium. But the pretty speckled milk cow only has eyes for the grass. And I only have eyes for the raw milk and cheeses that Terri Lawton – a tenth … [Read more...]

No Pinkberry groupie here

If you think that leggings are the only thing making a comeback from the ‘80s, think again. Frozen yogurt is back with a vengeance, and Pinkberry – the popular franchise that exploded in L.A. five years ago -- opened its first store in Massachusetts at the Derby Street shops … [Read more...]

Good pizza Boston’s South Shore: Riva Pizzaria

In Scituate, just up the street from Riva Pizzeria, is a granite marker by the roadside with the words “23 miles to Boston” etched into its old, tombstone-like face. Those 23 miles used to be the distance it took to get yourself a gourmet pizza, but not anymore. Riva … [Read more...]