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South Shore Dish: News & Notes- June, 2011

Being a café lover of the first order (there’s not much I enjoy more than hanging at a great café), I am thrilled out of my mind that Hingham resident Bob Weeks, of Redeye Roasters, is planning to open a café in the Bare Cove Marina building, across from Stars Restaurant, on … [Read more...]

Food trucks: The Future

I saw the future of South Shore dining last weekend and it was moving. Literally, moving. Restaurants on wheels – food trucks – are getting major support from the Boston City Council, which passed an ordinance in April to expand access to them. More recently, legislators opened … [Read more...]

A dose of mystery at Quincy’s Kam Man

So many cuisines, so many foods unique to each, so many items labeled with words I can’t read! Few places are more packed with these mysteries than Quincy’s Kam Man – probably the most extensive Asian market in New England. “It’s the largest in Boston, and Boston’s the … [Read more...]

South Shore farmers markets open

Here they come again: colorful farmers markets that spring up in the middle of nowhere like nomadic villages, filling parks and parking lots with local foods and goods and shoppers. Mere hours after they appear, the carnival-like, action packed scenes dissolve into nothingness … [Read more...]

This man knows his dandelions

I cannot understand why -- what with all the locavores and food bloggers out there going on and on about ramps, fiddleheads, and morels this time of year -- nobody’s raving about how great dandelion greens are. Am I missing something? I think they should top everybody’s list … [Read more...]

Organic gardening workshop

A dozen people gathered in the cold sunlight at Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset last Saturday for an organic gardening workshop. Happily, it was also opening day for the summer farm stand. And, although there wasn’t much for sale yet, what there was, was great: leeks, sunchokes, and … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Nona’s ice cream

  All things being equal, with God in heaven and everything right with the world, a local ice cream parlor should sell homemade ice cream created by a kind and happy person who loves ice cream, kids, people, and dogs. And that’s exactly what Hingham Square has in Krissy … [Read more...]

Alfredo’s Italian Foods: God forbid you should be hungry!

Deep in the Italian psyche and embodied by many Italians of my acquaintance (some of whom are closer to me than my front door) is a strong imperative to tend to empty stomachs. The program seems to be that we must eat to keep up our strength, keep up our spirits, and generally … [Read more...]

Celtics Ray and wife Shannon Allen debut new Food show

If anyone could get the very private young Celtics star Rajon Rondo to cook for all the world to see, it would be Shannon Allen, the wife of Rondo’s teammate Ray Allen. And Shannon does that – on tape – in an upcoming episode of her new Comcast SportsNet and NECN food show, … [Read more...]

Loving what you grew up with

Taste is such a complex affair. People perceive the flavors in a dish based not only on the balance of ingredients its cook has assembled, but with an emotional sensibility unique to each individual. Flavors ring bells, causing unconscious sense memories to zip around our … [Read more...]