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Big time Boston chef hangs his apron in Cohasset

IN THE KITCHEN It’s nice seeing Blu Mussel chef-owner Anthony Ambrose step into the dining room to visit a table or talk with guests. Ambrose made his name when he opened his first restaurant, Ambrosia on Huntington, in the early ‘90s. Among the many accolades it received, … [Read more...]

Major addition to the food scene in Quincy

IN THE KITCHEN If talent’s in the blood, 16C owner Kerri Lynch Delaney’s got it. A pastry chef who recently sold her wonderful Babycakes cupcake shop in Quincy, Lynch Delaney is a niece of chef Barbara Lynch, the nationally acclaimed, Boston-based restaurateur behind Beacon … [Read more...]

Mother Love and Food

I remember with the greatest love and amusement the years my mother spent struggling to keep track of what foods her three daughters liked. One would eat hot dogs, but only with catsup, while it was mustard or nothing for another. Plain pasta for one, sauced for the other two. … [Read more...]

Making hot sauce like they have for decades

Once a year, in September, Maria Rodrigues makes enough fantastically delicious hot sauce to last her family a year. It takes a lot of peppers. “I get four bushels – the long red ones,” said Rodrigues, who’s been making the sauce since she was girl in the Azores. Having … [Read more...]

Revisiting Festa della Madonna della Luce

Today  a small pine grove in Hingham erupted in picnic tables covered with food and hundreds of people. The little-known annual celebration was the 51stlocal Festa della Madonna della Luce – the Feast of the Mother of Light. It takes place every year on the late August Sunday … [Read more...]

Free food

I bumped into Paul Trojano today. He lives in Norwell, has a place in Vermont, owns Caffe Graffiti in Boston's North End, and loves to forage for food. Look what he gave me. They're called Chicken of the Woods mushrooms.  He picked them on Prospect Street in Hingham this … [Read more...]

Holly Hill Farm brings heritage pork to South Shore

The road that leads to the truck that sells Vermont-raised heritage pork winds along a stretch of Cohasset's North Atlantic that shames Beverly Hills with its mansions. One after another, stone castles, Tuscan-inspired villas, ultramodern constructions, and old, wooden, … [Read more...]

Bread, chevre, and honey from Glastonbury Abbey

I’m standing in the large kitchen at Hingham's Glastonbury Abbey talking to its head cook, John Gauley, when Father Tom, one of the monastery’s 12 Benedictine monks, pops in. I’m glad because although I’m here to talk about the food Gauley makes, I don’t know what monks actually … [Read more...]

In praise of good hot dogs

You have to pity the poor hot dog. Not since… I don’t know what… has something been so loved and hated at the same time. Millions of Americans absolutely adore this virtual symbol of the quintessential American holiday yet denigrate them, and themselves, for eating … [Read more...]

Strawberry Festival builds community

Sometimes strawberries aren’t only summer’s first mouthwatering fruit. Sometimes they’re double agents. Dressed up as the starlets of shortcake, for instance, they also serve as good will ambassadors and friend-makers. Take their role in last weekend’s Strawberry … [Read more...]