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This is my first blog entry ever, anywhere.

What should I say? There’s so much freedom outside the strictures of a column or article.

I feel kind of like an actress who can play a role, no problem, but who doesn’t know what to say when she’s being just herself.

Oh, come off it: the above sentence is  a pile: I’m a major talker, have never had a problem ranting on.




I love it because I can do so much with it.

The brilliant Matt and Shea at 3thought creative in Plymouth built it for me in WordPress so that I can manipulate a lot of the content now that it’s built (because adding content in WordPress mostly doesn’t require code).

So, not only can I post everything I write about food in other publications, but use it to create a site that will, potentially, have a link or comments on every restaurant, food purveyor, diner, drive-in, or dive on the whole South Shore. I have a page for each town, and on those pages I can — and will — add links to any place I hear about or see in my travels.

So, send me info on spots you like or wonder about.

I’d get a major thrill out of actually hearing from people, so, please?

It’s built (the site) and now I hope you’ll come.